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Car Leasing Overview

Purchasing a brand-new car can be expensive. The Car Leasing scheme enables your employees to save money whilst driving away with a brand-new, low-emission car. Operated via salary sacrifice, employees may make tax and National Insurance savings on their new car. Your organisation will make savings too. Offering this money-saving scheme provides your employees with safer, modern vehicles - helping with your duty of care.

  • Employees save up to 42%
  • Available to organisations of all sizes, no matter how small
  • Organisations can run the scheme with no set up fees or hidden costs
  • No credit checks
  • Cost neutral and risk free for the employer
  • Includes servicing and maintenance


Due to recent changes in Government policies - Car Leasing is available under the Salary Sacrifice scheme as it stands until April 2017 and any employee that does sign-up before April 2017 will be able to continue with the Salary Sacrifice Benefits until April 2021. After April 2017 Car Leasing still be available for Employers to offer to their Employees but just for Ultra LEV Cars.

More Information for Employers

Offering this valuable scheme can help to improve morale, staff retention and aid with recruitment.

More Information for Employees

The Car Leasing scheme provides you with a brand-new car, at discounted rates, and you make tax and National Insurance savings.

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