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Leading Employee Benefits

Here at Busy Bees Benefits, we believe employee benefits are an extremely important way of keeping a workforce happy and productive.

And the good news is that you do too – and that's why you're here.

A good benefits package provides advantages to both the employer and the employee. Our schemes provide businesses with savings, whether it's a reduction in Employer's National Insurance Contributions or a decrease in absenteeism, allowing you to wave goodbye to downtime costs! The benefits to the employee are scheme dependent, but often involve savings for key lifestyle costs and help with everyday issues.

Up until now, many employers have considered remuneration to be the top concern for prospect employees, but an appealing benefits package can be much more valuable than a pay rise. Not only do benefits help employees save money, they can also aid your business with recruitment and retention strategies.

Employees gain recognition whilst employers incur tax and National Insurance savings.

Recognition + Savings = Retention

See how we can meet the needs of your organisation and your expectations of an employee benefits provider.

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Why choose us?

Busy Bees Benefits is a no-nonsense employee benefits provider with over 25 years' experience in the industry. Our schemes are catered to businesses of all shapes and sizes - from one-man-bands to corporate giants, we don't discriminate!

All of our schemes provide great staff savings and a dedicated account manager. Unlike other providers, we won't tie you into a contract or charge you flat fees for salary sacrifice schemes, giving your business the greater benefit of reduced NI contributions. This means there's always a saving to be made and if you're not happy, you are free to go elsewhere.

But, the chances are that you'll be so delighted by our excellent service and user-friendly portal that this won't even cross your mind. Don't believe us? Check out our current clients and where we've been featured in the press so far...

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