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Childcare Vouchers - Busy Bees Benefits

Childcare Vouchers - Information for Parents

This page summarises the key points about the Childcare Voucher Scheme for parents. For more detailed information please download our Parent Information Pack.

What are Childcare Vouchers?

Childcare Vouchers are a government-initiated scheme available from employers for working parents to use to pay their childcare costs for children up to the age of 16*.

Parents simply order up to £243** per month to be deducted from their salary in exchange for Childcare Vouchers. Parents then login to their Busy Bees Benefits account to use their vouchers to pay their registered childcare provider.

How Much can I Save?

As Childcare Vouchers do not attract tax and National Insurance contributions, working parents can save up to £933 per year. Both parents in a household can join a Childcare Voucher scheme, potentially saving more than £1800 per year.

The amount each working parent can save using Childcare Vouchers depends on how much they earn and other individual circumstances such as other salary sacrifice deductions and pension deductions.

Use our savings calculator to see how much you can save using Childcare Vouchers

Where can I use Childcare Vouchers?

Childcare Vouchers can be used to pay for the following registered childcare for children up to the age of 16**:

  • Nurseries
  • Childminders
  • Play Schools
  • Pre-Schools
  • Créches
  • Nannies
  • Au Pairs

  • Before and After School Clubs
  • Holiday Clubs/Camps
  • Play Schemes
  • Private Schools
  • Reception Classes and out of school care at Independent Schools

*A child qualifies for childcare vouchers up to the first September after their 15th birthday (or the first September after their 16th birthday if they are disabled)

**Basic rate tax payers.  Higher and additional rate caps are lower, see table for more information.

How do I register for Childcare Vouchers?

To start using Busy Bees Benefits’ Childcare Vouchers, your employer needs to offer the scheme. 

If your employer already offers the scheme ask them for your unique weblink and password.  Alternatively click here to contact us and select ‘Parent Requesting URL and Password’ in the ‘type of enquiry’ drop down box.  

If your employer does not already run a scheme click here to leave your details and we will contact your employer to set up the scheme.

Additional Benefits

Retail Discounts: Parents using Busy Bees Benefits Childcare Vouchers will automatically get free access to retail discounts. These can be used at a variety of high street and online stores to help save more money for their family.

Emergency Childcare: Parents can use this service to access emergency childcare when their usual childcare provider is unavailable. Parents will benefit from choosing from over 200 Busy Bees childcare settings when they need it.

Extra Savings: Parents using Busy Bees Benefits Childcare Vouchers in a Busy Bees nursery will receive an additional 5% on top of their voucher values, helping to reduce their childcare costs.

More Information

Click here to contact us if you would like more information or call our customer service team on 0330 333 9100.