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Retail Discounts Overview

Make pay go further by being money savvy using the Retail Discounts scheme. Employees can get exclusive access to deals, cash back, offers and discounts both nationally and locally for a one-off, low-cost annual fee. Employees can save money on a variety of lifestyle costs including: food, clothes, days out, holidays, restaurants, household bills and much more. The scheme is a great way of providing added value to employees' wages without giving a pay rise.

  • No set up costs
  • No administration
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Limited and one-off deals available
  • Offers available on smartphone app
  • Improve motivation and retention

More Information for Employers

Help employees to make their pay go further and increase their motivation by offering them a Retail Discount scheme.

More Information for Employees

Make substantial savings on your lifestyle costs using offers, cash back and discount deals.

Other Employee Benefits