At Busy Bees Benefits, we know from experience that in today's fast-paced and hectic world employees can have unforeseen personal challenges that may impact on their work attendance and performance.

We work with over 13,500 employers across the UK covering both private and public sectors, with over 90% of our customers saying that they would recommend us to friends or colleagues in our latest customer satisfaction survey.

Employers offering high-quality employee work benefits and childcare provision often see it as one of the most effective ways of supporting and rewarding their employees. Over the years we have been helping employers provide a range of benefits at work that help them become employers of choice, and we are constantly researching and updating our range of work benefits to better serve our customers.

Employee Benefits are a great way to help supplement and make salaries go further. Busy Bees Benefits provides a fantastic range of work benefits that help to save money and also improve employees’ health, wellbeing and lifestyle.


Busy Bees Benefits offers a complete range of employer and employee benefits at work covering financial, physical and emotional health and wellbeing which can be tailored into packages to suit you and your business.

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Our benefits

Employee work benefits put people at the heart of the workplace. After all, companies would be nowhere without their people!

Employee benefits at work ensure employee growth and encourage progression within the workplace. Implementing benefits at work improves lives, encourages positive experiences within the workplace and generates the perfect environment for success. With cost-effective solutions that might only add up to what you would usually spend on tea and coffee, what’s not to love?

We offer a wide range of employer and employee work benefits. these cover a variety of childcare, health and financial wellbeing areas. To find out more about our fantastic range of work benefits, click the links below.


Customer satisfaction

Don't just take our word for it!

"90% of our customers said they'd be extremely happy to recommend us to a friend or colleague."