Busy Bees nurseries are one of the largest nursery operators in the UK, with 330 locations nationwide. Each of our day nurseries are specifically designed to suit the needs of a child, with large, bright, colourful playrooms and outdoor play areas, complete with modern equipment and a variety of age-appropriate toys that children adore.

Why Busy Bees are different - National Support Centre

At Busy Bees, we believe it is essential to ensure the best possible care is being provided in each of our nurseries, which is why our team of over 100 people at the National Support Centre support and offer guidance to all of our nurseries and their staff teams.

Each of our Nursery Managers are supported by a Regional Director, who regularly visit each of the nurseries they manage to ensure that best practice is being adhered to, and to support the Nursery Manager with any issues or questions they may have. All Managers attend regular meetings with their Regional Director to ensure that all information is cascaded and best practice is shared.

The quality of the staff teams at our nurseries is paramount to creating a safe and stimulating learning environment. Busy Bees have a dedicated HR team who offer support to Nursery Managers on all employment matters, offering guidance and advice to ensure we recruit, retain and develop individuals who share Busy Bees’ vision in providing the best possible care.

Our child-centred approach promotes the development of creativity, individuality and self-confidence, whilst delivering the highest standards of nursery care


Sometimes you can't plan when you'll need childcare provision. Anyone signed up to our Childcare Vouchers scheme is able to use a Busy Bees nursery - even if that is not their usual nursery provider - for emergency childcare provision if they need to. There is no additional charge, you just pay for the hours used.  


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