Will Writing Service

Making a will can be a daunting task and one that many put off – however, it is never too soon to make a will. Having a well written will help to protect loved ones' futures, ensuring that property and possessions are passed on to those you choose. Important decisions and requirements can be documented within a will to be carried out when the time comes, such as funeral desires, the appointment of guardians for children, protecting unmarried partners and minimising Inheritance Tax. Without a will, the Rules of Intestacy will apply, which follows the family tree in a strict order of priority.

  • No administration
  • One-off, low-cost fee 
  • Free storage of documents

Key Features


A variety of packages are available including single wills, double wills, care home planning and the setting up of discretionary trusts.

Will storage

Through using the Will Writing scheme, you can choose to have your will stored in the solicitor's strong room for no additional cost.


Using our fixed-price professional Will Writing service will ensure that you will save money and costs will not spiral.

Other guidance

You can also benefit from other guidance including: lasting powers of attorney, nursing home fee protection, transfers of property and tax planning.

Customer service

The scheme provides wills written by an experienced and qualified solicitor to ensure each document is valid and appropriate to your individual needs.