Car Leasing scheme

The Busy Bees Benefits Car Leasing Scheme provides easy access to an all-inclusive car leasing package and allows your employees to drive a brand new car and at the same time allows you to remain cost-neutral.

A lot of employees would love to have the opportunity to upgrade their current vehicles for something newer and more economical. By leasing a car via the Busy Bees Benefits Car Leasing Scheme, your employees can make a choice from a wide range of models from all the major car manufacturers as well as benefit by taking advantage of the latest ultra-low emission vehicles to maximise their tax savings.

The Busy Bees Benefits car scheme can run alongside your current company car scheme or replace it altogether. The scheme offers a fully managed and all-inclusive package for you and your employees. We provide full support for the scheme implementation, HR and payroll information and provide marketing material to help you promote the scheme to your employees.

  • Fully HMRC compliant, with full support for implementation
  • Scheme can be tailored to your company needs
  • Employers save on the employees’ National Insurance savings
  • Positive recruitment & retention tool
  • Significant enhancement of the rewards package


Why choose this scheme?

Easy process

Employees choose their vehicle. Ordering, delivery, servicing and collection is all arranged. Deductions are taken from an employee’s salary over a 2 or 3-year period. Minimal employer administration.

Free scheme

There is no cost to the organisation, running the scheme is free.

Simple set up

There are no negotiations with the dealers, concerns about pick up times or additional hassle that comes with the usual process of getting a new car. Our partner manages the entire set up for your employees.

Business benefits

The company may save money in Employer National Insurance Contributions and as the scheme is a valued, cost-effective employee benefit, it will improve staff recruitment and retention and can be provided in place of salary increases.

Turning green

Do your bit for the environment and enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility by giving employees the opportunity to drive away with a brand-new green vehicle. The scheme enables your organisation to monitor the CO2 impact of your business miles.

Duty of care

The scheme provides your organisation with better management of your 'grey fleet' as vehicles are brand-new and fully road legal, ensuring you provide a duty of care to your employees.