Cycle to Work

Cycling is one of the UK’s most popular recreational activities, and the Cycle to Work Scheme encourages employees to improve their health and fitness whilst making tax and National Insurance savings. Employees can get a bike which they can use for any part of their commute and for leisure cycling too. Plus safety accessories such as hi-vis clothing, helmet, lights and lock can all be included.

Why choose the Cycle to Work Scheme?

  • Fast, easy and free to set up
  • Organisations save up to 13.8% whilst supporting their green credentials!
  • Employees can save up to 42% on cost of bikes and equipment
  • No end of scheme administration
  • Choose from a 12 or 18 month salary sacrifice term
  • Easy online administration

Employees hire the bike and accessories for an agreed term with the cost recovered through salary sacrifice.

We partner with Evans Cycles who offer up to £60 in free accessories and free servicing in the first year worth £120. Sale items and Price Match can also be included to maximise employee savings. Evans Cycles have stores across the UK plus easy to use online ordering with Click & collect or home delivery.

Cycle to Work Schemes can help support employers’ wellbeing policies, assist with any parking issues and help reduce carbon footprint, so there is every reason to include the Cycle to Work Scheme within your overall Employee Benefits Package.

Key features and benefits

Once your business has signed-up, every time an Employee joins the scheme, you reduce your own National Insurance Contributions (NIC).

It’s easy to administer and it’s free

Thanks to simple processes, a fast online system and full helpdesk support, administering your scheme is hassle-free. And with no set-up fees, it’s a win-win for you and your employees.

Improve brand image

Offering a Cycle to Work Scheme to your Employees is a great way to show that your organisation wants to reduce its impact on the environment. With more Employees cycling to work, you can reduce the demand on car parking spaces as well as the local transport demands.

Happier, healthier employees are more productive

Over 70% of employers said the Cycle to Work Scheme had a positive impact on their organisation in terms of improving employee health*, so a happy workforce is a positive workforce.
* Cycle to Work Alliance Survey, December 2015