Fairer Finance

At Busy Bees Benefits we strive to ensure that the range of benefits we offer to employers will really help their staff in their home lives, and thereby make them more effective in the workplace.

We know from providing EAP’s and from wider research studies that financial worries are a major concern for many people (1). Some 58% of the UK’s workers were affected by money worries in 2017 and 36% of employees would value having access to financial wellbeing offerings through their employers. This is why we have teamed up with Neyber, our trusted partner to offer fairer education resources and affordable loans to all our customers and their employees.

When employees need to borrow money, Neyber offer a fair option with 3 simple fixed rates.

Great – 4.9% APR

Good – 6.9% APR

OK – 9.9% APR

Representative example: 6.9% APR Representative based on a loan of £7,500, repayable over 5 years at an interest rate of 6.9% PA (fixed). Administrative fees: £0, Monthly payment of £147.42 Total amount payable £8,845.07.

Supporting employees so they can better manage their money and help make their pay go further

Neyber gives employees the resources and tools they need to help them feel more confident when it comes to their finances

Be better-off

The Neyber Financial Wellbeing Hub is packed with tips to help employees feel more confident when it comes to handling money matters

Reduce stress

Money worries can take their toll. By giving employees the tools they need to get a clear picture of their financial situation, we’re hoping they’ll stop stressing and do more of what they love

Save money

Neyber’s affordable loan rates help employees to combine their debts into one more manageable monthly repayment.

The benefits to employers are fourfold:

  • No cost, no risk to set up – the process is integrated with payroll systems and there are no charges for the employer to set up the scheme
  • Fair rates for all – loan repayments using salary deduction means reduced risk to Neyber and better rates for staff. Three rates are applied: 4.9% APR, 6.9% APR and 9.9% APR
  • Expert support – Neyber’s own underwriting teams put in extra effort to understand each customer’s individual situation and needs
  • Financial wellbeing support - a range of financial education material is available through a dedicated portal



  1. Neyber, DNA of Financial Wellbeing, May 2017