Private Medical Insurance

What is private medical insurance for business?

Taking good care of a workforce isn’t just about providing individual benefits, it’s about supporting them when things go wrong in their life such as disease, illness or injury. Events that may stop them being fully effective at work and thereby impacting on a business’s productivity.  With the difficulties faced by the NHS in terms of increasing waiting times to receive treatment, our private medical insurance plan is designed to intervene quickly and ensure that all your staff are fit and well. 

Private medical insurance is all about choice and speed of treatment. It is a benefit to help staff return to work fit and well quickly and minimize any impacts on the business: The key benefits are

  • Quick access to private medical treatment at a hospital of your employees’ choice
  • Staff team members avoiding lengthy NHS waiting lists and choosing which private hospital or ward they can be treated at
  • Staff can choose which specialist consultant treats them
  • Having private medical insurance can get you treatment at your convenience, so you can choose to receive treatment at a time that suites you and the business.
  • Includes cover for heart and cancer


Type of Cover

Our medical plans cover the cost of private medical investigations and treatment for acute conditions with the aim of ensuring that your staff can quickly receive treatment and get them back to full recovery.

Buying private medical insurance is like buying any other type of business insurance plan.  You can choose a range of cover levels and premium levels that best meet the needs of your businesses and staff.  For example, the choices may include: types of treatment, levels of cover for those treatments, where the treatment is provided, the monetary amounts limits on some benefits and any excess contributions that might be chosen for the policy (the excess).